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Now seeking support for engineering and construction

THRIVE Santa Ana is seeking the support of General Contractors, engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, landscape), and diverse consultants to assist with the next step in the Walnut and Daisy Micro-Farm Project -- drafting construction documents for approval by the City of Santa Ana. 

More information is available in THRIVE's Request for Proposals.  Or contact (714)987-2009.  The project term may begin immediately, and span until the completion of construction next year, 2022.


Walnut and Daisy Micro-Farm

Santa Ana's first community-driven project on public land, the Walnut and Daisy Micro-Farm will be an urban farming and event space, incubating local, worker-owned businesses and providing healthy food and activities in Central Santa Ana.

On March 3rd, 2020, the City of Santa Ana approved a Development and Disposition Agreement with THRIVE, which include a 99-year Lease on the land.  At 1901 W Walnut St., the 16,000 square-foot site is surrounded by commercial, residential, and industrial zones. 

With local parter, CRECE, a Santa Ana-based urban farming cooperative, and the support of Long Beach-based architectural design company City Fabrick, THRIVE has obtained preliminary approvals for the project. 

The Walnut and Daisy Micro-Farm site plan is the result of deep community outreach and participation.  Since 2016 THRIVE and its local partners invited community residents to lead the conversation around the City's use of vacant, publicly-owned lots throughout the City.  In the neighborhood around Walnut and Daisy, THRIVE once again partnered with researchers and local residents to implement a survey door-to-door, asking about both neighborhood needs and existing assets.  In 2018 a Community Art Festival was held at the Walnut and Daisy site on April 8th, 2018, to share survey findings with residents. By May 31st, 2018, working both with local residents and the City, THRIVE submitted to the City the intended use for the site: a community microfarm, building on extensive neighborhood knowledge about plants, farming, and food. THRIVE continues to engage and train neighborhood residents to learn about the development process and take lead roles in the project. 


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