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Who We Are

THRIVE - Community Land Trust in Santa Ana


A community land trust (CLT) is a nonprofit, community-based agency that stewards land for local needs too-often overlooked by market-driven development -- affordable housing, community gardens, open space, urban farms, commercial spaces and other community assets.  CLTs help communities' maintain affordability, economic diversity and local access to essential services.


THRIVE is the first and only community land trust (CLT) in Santa Ana, founded by local residents and community organizations with 100 years combined experience in resident-led initiatives.  Dedicated to building community wealth and healthy neighborhoods through land stewardship and multi-generational resident leadership, THRIVE works with community members on neighborhood needs assessments, data analysis, and community visioning -- promoting dialogue between residents and the City about local, unmet needs including housing, micro-farms, community spaces, and local small businesses.

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