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Affordable Housing Project, 2018-2019

In June 2018, THRIVE Santa Ana, together with Magis Reality, Community Development Partners, and City Fabrick decided to corporate and submit a proposal for an affordable housing project in Santa Ana, including 3 potential location, 1126 & 1146 E Washington Ave, 801, 809 & 809 1/2 E. Santa Ana Boulevard and 826 & 830 N. Lacy Street.


Two preliminary community outreach meetings were held July 21st and 24th of 2018 at Corazones Verdes Community Center, drawing a total of 40 community members from the neighborhood. The community outreach meetings and existing research of the area demonstrate a significant need for affordable housing particularly at lower-income brackets, public-ally accessible resources such as community centers, child care, and space for exercise.


In August 2018, THRIVE Santa Ana, together with the team submitted the RFP package for the development and presented the proposal to the City.  


Unfortunately, our proposal has not been adopted by the City. Yet, THRIVE will continue to follow up on this project and seek cooperation with the selected team, making sure the voice of the community could be heard. We are planning to hold another community meeting in the Lacy neighborhood to inform the community about the newest updates of the affordable housing project in the near future.


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