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Santa Ana Community Land Trust

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The City of Santa Ana approved an Agreement with THRIVE Santa Ana to develop its first project, The Walnut and Daisy Micro-farm, on community land! 

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  ¡Lo logramos!  Gracias a la participación constante y creativa de residentes, y el apoyo de grupos comunitarios y organizaciones, el 3 de marzo, 2020 se aprobó un acuerdo con la Ciudad de Santa Ana para desarrollar el primer terreno comunitario de THRIVE Santa Ana! 

  Queda mucho trabajo por hacer, pero ya podemos celebrar la aprobación de un contrato de 99 años! Necesitamos su apoyo para demostrar a la Ciudad como impulsar un desarrollo económico incluyente, desde abajo, basado en los talentos y la visión de la comunidad local. 

Actualmente estamos buscando el apoyo de empresas de construcción. Pasen la voz!



 * * *

  We did it!  Thank you to the constant, creative participation of local residents, the collaboration of community groups and organizations, on March 3rd, 2020 the City of Santa Ana approved an Agreement with THRIVE Santa Ana to develop our first project on community land! 

There is much work ahead; for now we can celebrate the approval of a 99-year Lease! We need your help to demonstrate to the City how to build inclusive economic development, from the ground up, based on the local community’s talents and vision.

Currently we are seeking the support of general contractors to lead construction efforts.  Help spread the word!

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Community Land Trust (CLT) in Santa Ana

THRIVE is the first and only community land trust (CLT) in Santa Ana, founded by local residents and community organizations with 100 years combined experience in resident-led initiatives.  Dedicated to building community wealth and healthy neighborhoods through land stewardship and multi-generational resident leadership, THRIVE works with community members on neighborhood needs assessments, data analysis, and community visioning -- promoting dialogue between residents and the City about local, unmet needs including housing, micro-farms, community spaces, and local small businesses.


What is CLT?

 CLT is a nonprofit corporation that develops and stewards project as, affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces, and other community assets on behalf of a community.   Here is a video about CLTs by Grounded Solutions, a national CLT network. 

Our Value

THRIVE has raised the standard of community involvement in planning, neighborhood design, and land use decisions through the consistent input of local residents.

Our Work

We are committed to developing projects that benefit local residents including deeply affordable housing, open space, parks, microfarms and gardens, community facilities and other needs identified by the community.

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