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Walnut and Daisy Awarded State Funding!

The Walnut and Daisy Micro-Farm was recently selected as a pilot project under the California Economic Resilience Fund -- a $3,802,367 grant was awarded to project partners Cooperacion Santa Ana (CSA), CRECE Urban Farms (CRECE) and THRIVE! This state fund is intended “to build an equitable and sustainable economy across California’s diverse regions and foster long-term economic resilience in the overall transition to a carbon-neutral economy.”

State funding will support specific operating costs during the Micro-Farm's start up phase, and will allow THRIVE to replace a construction loan, which translates directly to more affordability for cooperative businesses and local residents.

Here are some tidbits from our joint press release about the award:

"Through this award, the Walnut-Daisy Urban Farm will be resourced to respond directly to needs named by its neighboring communities, including healthy food access and recreational spaces. This site is the first of many projects to come that model how resident-centered development can look, including for commercial spaces and housing. This project is a blueprint of the work that lies ahead.

The Walnut-Daisy Urban Farm pilot project will develop an urban farm owned by farmers of color, a cooperative cafe, an artisan shop, a community gathering space with outdoor seating and a stage, as well as an office and a marketplace for local produce, crafts and value-added items sold by local, BIPOC-owned micro-enterprises, including worker-owned cooperatives."

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